Discovering San Pedro EP04

Episode 4: “Gastronomy and Local Cuisine”
Prepare to tantalize your taste buds in this mouthwatering episode. Lucia introduces you to the traditional Spanish and Andalusian dishes that you must try while visiting San Pedro de Alcántara. From the…

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Discovering Manilva EP01

Episode 1: Introduction to Manilva
Join host Lucia as she introduces you to the captivating town of Manilva, Spain. Discover the town’s stunning location, rich history, and cultural significance. Get a taste of the local cuisine and traditions that…

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Fuengirola Spanish Gem EP05

Gastronomy in Fuengirola:

Indulge your taste buds as Lucia explores the local culinary scene in Fuengirola. From traditional tapas bars to seafood delights, she unveils the flavors and dishes that define Fuengirola’s gastronomy. Get ready to satisfy…

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