Freshly Squeezed on Málaga Radio!

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Freshly Squeezed on Málaga Radio!

Welcome to Freshly Squeezed on Málaga Radio!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our new morning show, Freshly Squeezed, launching on July 1st! Join us every weekday morning from 8 AM to 10 AM as we bring you the latest local news, weather updates, and a plethora of engaging content that will make your mornings brighter.

About the Show:

Freshly Squeezed is designed to be your daily guide to everything happening in Málaga and the Costa del Sol. From local events and cultural insights to travel updates and environmental tips, our show aims to provide valuable information and entertainment for both locals and tourists. Whether you’re looking for the best breakfast spots, updates on cruise ship arrivals, or practical advice for exploring the region, Freshly Squeezed has you covered.

Meet the Hosts:

Carmen: “Hi, I’m Carmen, your go-to guide for the best local events and cultural insights. I’m originally from Mexico and have a passion for exploring new cultures and culinary delights. What excites me most about Freshly Squeezed is the opportunity to share the hidden gems of Costa del Sol with our listeners and help them start their day with a smile. Let’s explore together!”


Baptiste: “Hello, I’m Baptiste, here to keep you updated on everything from flight cancellations and road works to cruise arrivals and upcoming big events. I’m a 33-year-old from France, fluent in both English and Spanish. I love bringing a European perspective to our local happenings and providing practical tips to make your travels smooth and enjoyable. Join me as we navigate Málaga together while protecting our beautiful environment!”

What to Expect:

  • Local Events and Festivals: Stay updated with the latest events and festivals happening in Málaga.
  • Culinary Delights: Discover the best breakfast spots and coffee venues in the region.
  • Hidden Gems and Cultural Insights: Uncover lesser-known attractions and learn about the rich cultural heritage of Costa del Sol.
  • Travel and Transport Updates: Get the latest on flight cancellations, road works, and cruise ship arrivals.
  • Environmental Tips: Learn how to enjoy Málaga responsibly with tips on hydration, water conservation, and protecting the environment.

We can’t wait to start this journey with you. Mark your calendars for July 1st and tune in to Freshly Squeezed on Málaga Radio for an engaging and informative start to your day. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting content as we countdown to our launch!

Happy reading and see you soon!

Carmen & Baptiste