San Pedro de Alcántara In Focus

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Discovering San Pedro EP04

Episode 4: “Gastronomy and Local Cuisine”
Prepare to tantalize your taste buds in this mouthwatering episode. Lucia introduces you to the traditional Spanish and Andalusian dishes that you must try while visiting San Pedro de Alcántara. From the…

Discovering San Pedro EP03

Episode 3: “Beaches and Outdoor Activities”
Join Lucia as she leads you to the stunning beaches of San Pedro de Alcántara in this episode. Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Playa de San Pedro and Playa de Cortijo Blanco, and discover the thrilling…

Discovering San Pedro EP02

Episode 2: “Points of Interest”
In this episode, Lucia takes you on a virtual tour of San Pedro de Alcántara’s main attractions and landmarks. From the historical Church of San Pedro to the fascinating Bonsai Museum and the ancient Roman Baths,…

Discovering San Pedro EP01

Episode 1: “Introduction to San Pedro de Alcántara”
Join Lucia in the first episode of “Descubriendo San Pedro de Alcántara con Lucia” as she provides a captivating overview of the town’s history, location, and significance. Discover what makes San…