Feel The Pulse

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Every Morning from 11 to 2pm

“Feel the Pulse on Malaga Radio” is your go-to source for discovering the vibrant and diverse recreational activities in Costa del Sol. Hosted by a dynamic team of adventurers—Mitch, Pia, Lumi, and Fin—the show offers firsthand experiences, expert insights, and practical tips on everything from water sports and extreme sports to outdoor activities and wellness. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, each episode provides valuable information and inspiration to help you make the most of your time in this stunning region. Tune in to explore new adventures, connect with local experts, and get ready to feel the pulse of Costa del Sol!

Feel The Pulse


Mitch is an adventurous producer and host, currently navigating his way through obtaining various boat licenses and exploring Costa del Sol’s best sailing spots.


Lumi, a Finnish outdoor enthusiast, embraces holistic wellness and explores Costa del Sol’s beautiful hiking trails, cycling routes, and wellness retreats.


Fin, an adrenaline junkie, dives into the thrill of extreme sports in Costa del Sol, including bungee jumping, rock climbing, and dune buggy racing.


Pia, an Australian water sports enthusiast, shares her love for the ocean through exciting adventures in scuba diving, surfing, kitesurfing, and more in Costa del Sol.

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Feel The Pulse

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