Join Lucia on an exhilarating audio journey to the heart of Spain’s winter sports scene in “Sierra Nevada – A Skier’s Paradise.” This captivating podcast series is your all-access pass to the snowy slopes of one of Europe’s most cherished ski destinations. Nestled in the picturesque mountains of Granada, Sierra Nevada offers more than just skiing; it’s an immersive experience for anyone who loves the thrill of winter sports and the allure of mountain culture.

Sierra Nevada EP03

Episode 3: Conquering the Peaks For the adventurous at heart, join Lucia as she explores the advanced and off-piste terrain Sierra Nevada offers. Delve into the thrill of competitive...

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Sierra Nevada
Sierra Nevada
Sierra Nevada EP03

In this three-part series, we traverse the entire spectrum of what Sierra Nevada has to offer. From detailed guides on how to navigate the slopes for first-timers, to the vibrant après-ski lifestyle that lights up the nights, and onto the challenging adventures awaiting seasoned skiers and snowboarders, every episode is packed with insider tips, cultural insights, and the sheer joy of alpine life.

Whether you’re planning your first ski trip, seeking to enhance your skiing skills, or looking to explore the rich traditions and high-octane competitions that Sierra Nevada boasts, Lucia’s warm and engaging storytelling will transport you straight to the slopes and beyond.

Listeners can also expect to be guided through the practicalities of planning their visit, from scenic travel from Malaga to the best spots for relaxation and dining in Sierra Nevada. We’ll share stories from the peaks, celebrate local events, and offer advice on how to make the most of your mountain getaway.

So, bundle up and tune in to “Sierra Nevada – A Skier’s Paradise” for a definitive guide to the peaks, the people, and the passion of this extraordinary ski resort. Each episode promises to leave you dreaming of your next winter holiday and ready to carve your path in the snow. Available now on Malaga Radio and all major on-demand podcast platforms.

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