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Discovering Nerja EP03

Episode 3: Cultural Heritage
Delve into the rich cultural heritage of Nerja with Lucia as she explores the town’s Moorish influence, historic sites like the Church of El Salvador, and local traditions and festivals. Gain a deeper understanding of…

Discovering Nerja EP02

Episode 2: Top Attractions
In this episode, Lucia highlights the must-visit attractions in Nerja, such as the iconic Balcón de Europa, the mesmerizing Nerja Caves (Cuevas de Nerja), and the stunning beaches like Burriana Beach and Playa de la…

Discovering Nerja EP01

Episode 1: Introduction to Nerja
Join Lucia in the first episode as she provides an overview of Nerja, its location, history, and unique characteristics. Explore the town’s geography, climate, and significance as a top tourist destination, setting the…