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Active Adventures Hiking Lumi

oin Lumi, your enthusiastic host from ‘Feel the Pulse,’ as she takes you on an adventure through the best hiking trails in Costa del Sol in this episode of “Active Adventures on Malaga Radio.” From the panoramic views of La Concha Mountain Trail to…

Active Adventures Scuba Diving Pia

Join Pia, our enthusiastic Australian water sports expert, as she takes you on an underwater journey through the best scuba diving spots in Costa del Sol. In this episode of “Active Adventures on Malaga Radio,” Pia answers your most pressing questions…

Active Adventures Cycling Lumi

Lumi shares her personal experiences, tips, and the best cycling routes in the region. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a beginner, this episode has something for everyone.Episode Highlights:

– Road vs. Off-Road Cycling: Understanding the…

Active Adventures Water Sports Pia

Join Pia as she explores the exciting world of water sports in Costa del Sol, from paddleboarding and jet skiing to windsurfing, kitesurfing, and parasailing. Discover the best spots, tips, and local businesses to help you make the most of your…

Trailer Acitive Adventure Trailer

Description: Discover the thrill and beauty of Costa del Sol with “Active Adventures on Malaga Radio,” your ultimate guide to the best recreational activities in the region. Hosted by an enthusiastic team of adventurers, this podcast series is…


This episode explains why diving is one of the most popular actitivities onlon the coast.