Guide to Malaga and The Costa del Sol

Welcome to our Radio On-Demand Series, there are 4 general categories, Towns In Focus, Attractions, Activities, and Like a Local, designed to make browsing and search easier, so you can delve down to the topics you want. This On-Demand series is part of the complete audio guide to Malaga and the Costa del Sol.


These shows are specifically produced to give a complete guide to the individual attractions here in the Malaga region and the Costa del Sol, use search to find a specific attraction you want to know more about or browse the series looking for suggestions, inspiration and ideas

Like A Local

The Malaga Radio Guide to Malaga and the Costa del Sol believes that sharing local knowledge with visitors can only improve vacations, and In this series we have produced podcasts that give an insight to traveling, staying, and planning your trips, listen anytime anywhere and get an invaluable knowledge.


There are more activities in the region than you can imagine, in this series we talk about all the different options split into different shows, from the high octane adrenalin rush of extreme sports to the tranquil dawn balloon trips and lazy coastal cruises. This series is a key part to the Audio Guide to Malaga and the Costa del Sol Malaga