Podcast: Puerto Banús

Peurto Banus The Jewel EP03

Luxury Shopping Experience:
In this episode, Lucia guides listeners through the luxury shops and high-end boutiques of Puerto Banús. From world-renowned brands to exclusive designer wear, discover a shopping paradise.

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Peurto Banus The Jewel EP02

Architecture and Design:
Lucia delves into the unique Mediterranean architecture of the marina. Learn how its design reflects the captivating Andalusian culture and how it contributes to the charm of Puerto Banús.

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Peurto Banus The Jewel EP01

History of Puerto Banús:
Join Lucia as she unveils the origins of Puerto Banús. Discover how this luxurious marina came to life through the vision of local property developer José Banús and learn how it evolved into the glamorous hotspot it is today.

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