Podcast: Mijas


Episode 4: Outdoor Activities

n this episode, Lucia invites you to embrace the great outdoors in Mijas. Discover thrilling water sports, scenic hikes, and beach adventures. Explore the natural beauty of the Sierra de Mijas mountains and the turquoise…

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Episode 3: Gastronomy and Local Cuisine

Join Lucia as she explores the flavors of Mijas’ gastronomy. Dive into traditional tapas, indulge in mouthwatering seafood dishes, and discover the influence of Andalusian cuisine on Mijas’ culinary offerings….

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Episode 2: Top Attractions

In this episode, Lucia takes you on a virtual tour of Mijas’ top attractions. Explore the charming Mijas Pueblo, relax on the sun-soaked beaches of Mijas Costa, experience the excitement of the Mijas Bullring, and cool off…

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Episode 1: Introduction to Mijas

Join Lucia as she introduces you to the captivating town of Mijas. Discover its rich history, from a humble village to a beloved tourist destination. Get ready to immerse yourself in the unique blend of traditional…

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