Podcast: Málaga

The capital of the region of Málaga, this historic city is a blend of culture, history and modern Spain, creating one of the most popular destination cities throughout the year

Magnificent Malaga EP06

Episode 6: Natural Attractions
Join Lucia in this episode as she uncovers the natural wonders of Malaga. From beautiful beaches to the Montes de Malaga Natural Park, explore the outdoor activities that make Malaga a paradise for nature lovers.

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Magnificent Malaga EP05

Episode 5: Festivals and Events
Immerse yourself in Malaga’s vibrant traditions in this episode. Lucia explores the customs, traditions, and cultural significance of Holy Week and the Feria de Agosto, painting a vivid picture of these dynamic…

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Magnificent Malaga EP04

Episode 4: Food & Drink
This episode is a treat for your taste buds! Join Lucia as she explores the local culinary scene, discussing Malaga’s famous tapas, paella, and wines. Discover the role food plays in Spanish culture and where to find the…

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Magnificent Malaga EP03

Episode 3: Art in Malaga
Journey into the vibrant art scene of Malaga with Lucia. This episode highlights the Pablo Picasso Museum, Carmen Thyssen Museum, and Centre Pompidou Málaga. Discover the artistic treasures and creativity that pulse through…

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Magnificent Malaga EP02

Episode 2: Historical Landmarks In this episode,
Lucia guides listeners through the fascinating historical landmarks of Malaga. Explore the Alcazaba, the Roman Theatre, and Gibralfaro Castle, and delve into their storied pasts. Brought to you by…

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Magnificent Malaga EP01

Episode 1: Introduction to Malaga

Join Lucia as she embarks on a journey through the rich tapestry of Malaga, in the first episode of ‘Magnificent Malaga: The Soul of Southern Spain’, produced by Malaga Radio. Discover the city’s history, culture,…

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Malaga In Focus

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