Podcast: Like A Local

Know it like a local, a definitive guide to Malaga and The Costa del Sol

EP06 Flavors of Málaga, A Culinary Journey

Episode 6: Culinary Delights of the Region”Savor the flavors of Málaga in this episode as Lucia takes you on a culinary journey through the region. Experience the local winter cuisine, from traditional tapas to innovative dishes. Get recommendations…

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EP05 Smart Stays, Budget Accommodations in Málaga

Episode 5: Budget Accommodation Options”Travel smart with Lucia’s insights into budget-friendly accommodation options in Málaga and the Costa del Sol. From cozy hostels to charming Airbnbs, discover how to experience the region’s splendor without…

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EP04 Serenity Spots, Wellness Retreats of Málaga

Episode 4: Wellness Retreats and Spas”Unwind with Lucia as she introduces you to the renowned wellness retreats and spas in Málaga. This episode highlights the serene winter offerings, unique treatments, and tips for booking the best wellness…

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EP03 Greens in Winter Golfing Along the Costa del Sol

Episode 3: Golfing in Winter”Explore the lush greens and serene fairways of the Costa del Sol’s top golf courses in winter. Lucia delves into the world of winter golfing, discussing the best courses open during the off-season, special winter rates,…

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EP02 Trail Tales Winter Hiking in Málaga

Episode 2: Winter Hiking Trails”Step into the world of winter hiking trails in Málaga and the Costa del Sol. Lucia guides you through the best trails for winter, offering breathtaking views and serene experiences. Learn about the safety and weather…

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EP01 Winter’s Charm Discovering Off Season Málaga

Episode 1: Introduction to Málaga and the Costa del Sol in Winter”Embark on a journey to the heart of Málaga and the Costa del Sol in winter. Join Lucia as she reveals the unique beauty and serenity of the region during the off-season. Discover how…

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